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"Early detection will aid in improving patient survival, overall health outcomes, and use of containment measures in the event of an influenza pandemic."  --- Mike Leavitt, former HHS Secretary




Travellers are being screened for flu-like symptoms in an airplane.

Early, accurate diagnosis is critical to influenza treatment and limiting the spread of the virus. Cellex is a medical device company dedicated to innovating and developing diagnostic tests that are fast, accurate, and easy and inexpensive to use. 


Cellex currently develops, manufactures, and markets 2 versions of a real-time Neuraminidase Inhibitor (NI) assay (one is specific for influenza neuraminidase and the other one is not specific for for influenza neuraminidase). Designed for influenza diagnostic and drug resistance tests, the assay is cost effective, easy-to-use, and more sensitive than leading flu tests currently available on the market.


At Cellex, we strive to develop fast, accurate, and cost-effective medical tests that can be used to help save lives. And we are proud that we are making a difference in the world!